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Re: Question and Suggestion

Author janhendrik
Full name Jan Hendrik
Date 2009-04-01 02:30:17 PDT
Message Concerning Re: Question and Suggestion
Edmund Wong wrote on 1 Apr 2009, 17:04, at least in part:

> Mohammed wrote:
> > support,
> >
> > I want to know the following. I am moving SVN to the new server
> > since it's taking a while to copy the Data i want to know what other
> > alternatives i can take to copy SVN to a new location and once it
> > will be moved what should i do to make it in synch with the current
> > repository.
> Have you taken a look at svk? (at svk.bestpractical.com). I think
> that's what you're looking for; but then again, what you're doing is a
> short-term whereas the svk setup seems more long term with multiple
> machines.

I would rather suggest having a look at svnsync. I have not used it
personally, but it should keep a mirror of the master/original
repository in sync in the first place, and AFAICT it is possible to
convert this read-only mirror later into a full-blown master
repository. For transfer to a new machine this sounds nice to me
with little to no downtime (users would have to relocate working
copies to the new location however) though obvioulsy the mirror
cannot be tested fully.

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> > pursuant to explicit written agreement or government initiative
> > expressly permitting the use of e-mail for such purpose.
> Funny that this is a private message. :)

Yeah, please don't tell ma that I replied to it on a public list! <G>


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