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Re: SVN - Document/File Manager Questions

Author ryandesign
Full name Ryan Schmidt
Date 2009-04-01 16:12:55 PDT
Message On Apr 1, 2009, at 09:53, bruce wrote:

> Got a couple of questions, and figured that I'd post here to get
> additional
> thoughts/input from the list.
> I'm dealing with an app that will have a lot of files to be
> managed. Each
> file corresponds to a given college. Each file will be updated/
> checked/run
> each semester. The files have to go through a kind of workflow of -
> "dev/test/production". Also, need to have a way of allowing users
> to check
> in/out files, and to assign usage access/permissions to the user,
> for the
> given college/file.

If you can define your workflow in terms of "when you are done
developing, copy the file to this directory so the testing group can
test it", then you can do that in Subversion.

> I'd like to be able to have all actions to the system tracked via
> db. The
> files of course would be handled via the SVN repository
> functionality (or
> maybe not!!)

I'm not clear on the distinction you're trying to make between
"actions to the system" and "the files".

> Oh, all of this has to have a web based interface if possible.
> Given that
> this is also a college/garage type app, there is a limited/cheap
> budget for
> this.
> So, my question:
> -Does anyone have knowledge of an existing, off the shelf app that
> can
> handle
> the above requirements
> -Anyone have an existing app that we can talk to you about using/
> modifying
> for our usage...
> -Anyone have skills with this kind of functionality that we can talk
> to about building this from scratch if we need to...
> We've looked at Alfresco, and a bunch of different web scripts, but we
> haven't gotten there yet. We'd prefer to stay away from the java/
> tomcat
> solutions...

I'm not familiar with Alfresco. Why do you need a web interface?
Instructing people to use an svn client isn't going to work?

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