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RE: svn relocate question...

Author "bruce" <bedouglas at earthlink dot net>
Full name "bruce" <bedouglas at earthlink dot net>
Date 2009-04-05 09:04:30 PDT
Message hmm...

further testing appears to indicate that the "svn sw --relocate" doesn't
work if the working copy is on the same system as the svnserve daemon...

however, running a separate working copy on a server different from the
svnserve, results in the 'svn sw --relocate' working as expected...

so it appears that if you create a working copy on the same server as the
one running the svnserve daemon, and if you change the svnserve url/port,
then you're going to have to recreate a new working copy.. it appears that
you can't simply do a svn sw --relocate and change the underlying working
copy url/repository root...


-----Original Message-----
From: Ryan Schmidt [mailto:subversion-2​009a at ryandesign dot com]​
Sent: Sunday, April 05, 2009 12:00 AM
To: bruce
Cc: users at subversion dot tigris dot org
Subject: Re: svn relocate question...

On Apr 4, 2009, at 20:44, bruce wrote:

> I do the following.
> # svn sw --relocate svn://
> svn://​555/test/svn1/a /s
> followed by:
> # svn info
> Path: .
> URL: svn://
> Repository Root: svn://
> Repository UUID: 2cc5218c-d834-4ee9-a​3f3-14b0c62c2296
> Revision: 0
> Node Kind: directory
> Schedule: normal
> Last Changed Rev: 0
> Last Changed Date: 2009-04-03 10:23:10 -0700 (Fri, 03 Apr 2009)
> anyone able to tell me why the root repository/url didn't change??
> i'm trying to change to the new server which has the port 7555
> i've searched all over the 'net with no luck!

The URL and Repository Root reported by your working copy have a
curious a colon in it but no port number after that. But your switch
command does not. So to get this to work, you probably need to match
the original repository root (or substring from the start of it)

# svn sw --relocate svn:// svn:// /s

> i can get this to more or less work using the tortoise gui on
> windows..

In what way have you found it to differ? I haven't used TortoiseSVN
much myself, but it should be using the same Subversion libraries as
the svn command line client, so I would expect it to behave the same


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