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RE: How to solve my misuse of subversion

Author "Nicholas Curry" <Nicholas dot Curry at cofunds dot co dot uk>
Full name "Nicholas Curry" <Nicholas dot Curry at cofunds dot co dot uk>
Date 2009-04-27 06:12:47 PDT
Message That basically is how to create a branch. I also can't think of a way of
doing this without creating a branch. Branches aren't hard to maintain,
and the type of situation you're describing is pretty much a textbook
use case for a branch.


You can retrospectively tag revisions in SVN, so no worries about that:

svn cp https://svnrepo/mypr​oject/trunk@80


Creating tags and branches in SVN is effectively a copy task - read the
SVN manual for more info on how that works.


From: Stephen Connolly [mailto:stephen.alan​.connolly at gmail dot com]​
Sent: 27 April 2009 12:37
To: albert kong
Cc: users at subversion dot tigris dot org
Subject: Re: How to solve my misuse of subversion


svn cp https://svnrepo/mypr​oject/trunk@80
https://svnrepo/mypr​oject/braches/featur​eW -m "createing a branch from
rev 80 for feature W"

2009/4/27 albert kong <albertkong at tom dot com>

After revision80, I need to add a unique feature (let's call it
featureQ), So I could see revision80 can be a version(Unfortunately I
did nothing on subversion not creating a *BRANCH* or a *TAG*. The reason
is that I heard too many about the complexity to maintain *BRANCH*).
From revision80 to revision90 is all the code changes about featureQ.

But now I should add a small feature(let's call it featureW) to
revision80, but not to codes after revision80.

So how to make a resolution about my such situation?
The more detailed the better. Thanks in advance.


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