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RE: Merge reintegrate error

Author pilotbob
Full name Bob Archer
Date 2009-10-14 10:09:40 PDT
Message >We're having problems merging a branch back to trunk. The trunk contains no mergeinfo at all because I removed it via svn propdel. The only mergeinfo the branch contains is on the root directory. Neither root nor branch has local modifications. Here's what happens:
>$ cd ~/branch
>$ svn propget svn:mergeinfo -R .
>. - /trunk:28608-29675
>$ cd ~/trunk
>$ svn propget svn:mergeinfo -R .
>$ svn merge --reintegrate https://myserver/branch/
>svn: Reintegrate can only be used if revisions 28608 through 29679 were previously merged from
>https://myserver/trunk to the reintegrate source, but this is not the case:
> branch/workflow/src/​definition/whoisopto​ut
> Missing ranges: /trunk/workflow/src/​definition/whoisopto​ut:29575-29675
> branch/workflow/src/​mail/templates/whois​optout
> Missing ranges: /trunk/workflow/src/​mail/templates/whois​optout:29575-29675
> branch/workflow/test​/definition/whoisopt​out
> Missing ranges: /trunk/workflow/test​/definition/whoisopt​out:29575-29675
>Why does it think there are missing ranges if there is no current mergeinfo to that effect? Where else does it get this information?

It tells you right in the message. You must have merge info on /branch/workflow/src​/definition/whoisopt​out and it doesn't include everything that the branch folder includes.

CD into the branch and do an svn merge $REPO/trunk to ensure that all the changes from trunk are merged to ALL the folders and subfolders in /branch.


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