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User Authentication Issue

Author Krishna Rajesh R <rongalakrishnarajesh at gmail dot com>
Full name Krishna Rajesh R <rongalakrishnarajesh at gmail dot com>
Date 2009-05-08 05:30:51 PDT
Message Hi Dev,

We have installed Sub Version of version 1.5.1 (R23289) on Windows 2003
Server Std Edition. The software is working pretty fine, but while
logging using the Tortoise Client, everytime it accepts the authentication
only after 3 prompts of login credentials. Do we done any configuration
mistake or else is it a Bug. Please help us in preventing this 3 Prompts of
User Authentication.

It would be great help if you send us the configuration file that enables a
single authentication. I'm also attaching the configuration File of my
server for your reference.

Thanks & Regards
Krishna Rajesh

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User Authentication Issue Krishna Rajesh R <rongalakrishnarajesh at gmail dot com> Krishna Rajesh R <rongalakrishnarajesh at gmail dot com> 2009-05-08 05:30:51 PDT
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