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[PATCH] Fix links generated by ?r=REV

Author hwright
Full name Hyrum K. Wright
Date 2009-05-14 12:04:17 PDT
Message I noticed when browsing a repository using the new ?r=REV syntax for
GET, that the links generated by the page link to HEAD, not to the
revision given by r=REV. I've not hacked mod_dav_svn much, nor do I
have a very good way of testing the attached patch, but I *think* that
this works. Feedback desired.

Fix links generated by mod_dav_svn when using ?r=REV syntax. At best,
the target isn't what the user wants. At worst, it won't even exist
in HEAD, even though it exists in REV.

* subversion/mod_dav_svn/repos.c
  (deliver): Tack on a query string to generated links to ensure that
linked paths exist.

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[PATCH] Fix links generated by ?r=REV hwright Hyrum K. Wright 2009-05-14 12:04:17 PDT
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