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simultaniously commit sibling directories

Author jablko
Full name Jack Bates
Date 2009-05-19 15:29:09 PDT
Message If I simultaneously commit sibling directories in a working copy, I get
an error about the working copy locked - but I can work around by moving
the directories out of the working copy, committing them simultaneously,
then moving them back. Can the working copy locked error be dropped,
saving me from having to work around?

I encounter this error when multiple cron jobs which run in parallel
commit sibling directories. Occasionally the timing is such that two
cron jobs commit sibling directories simultaneously.

jablko@tad:~$ svnadmin create test
jablko@tad:~$ svn co file:///`pwd`/test wc
Checked out revision 0.
jablko@tad:~$ svn mkdir wc/a wc/b
A wc/a
A wc/b
jablko@tad:~$ svn ci wc -m ''
Adding wc/a
Adding wc/b

Committed revision 1.
jablko@tad:~$ svn mkdir wc/a/c wc/b/d
A wc/a/c
A wc/b/d
jablko@tad:~$ (cd wc/a && svn ci -m '' &) && (cd wc/b && svn ci -m '' &)
jablko@tad:~$ svn: Working copy '/home/jablko/wc' locked
svn: run 'svn cleanup' to remove locks (type 'svn help cleanup' for
Adding a/c

Committed revision 2.

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