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Re: bug: mirror WebDAV munging checkins containing "/SVN"

Author glasser
Full name David Glasser
Date 2009-06-25 14:01:43 PDT
Message This does look pretty nasty. Like, "don't use this feature, it will
corrupt your data" nasty.

That filter is under-documented; I'm not sure what it's trying to
convert. I suppose URLs in the metadata of requests. Justin, this is
your code, right?


On Fri, Jun 19, 2009 at 4:07 PM, Shane Beasley<shane.bea​sley at aleri dot com> wrote:
> We're using the CollabNet 1.6.1 suite Apache/WebDAV on two servers in a
> master/mirror setup. Recently, one of us tried to commit to the mirror a
> file that contained the string "/SVN". The master replied with an "svn:
> Checksum mismatch, file..." error -- apparently the file was mangled en
> route.
> Using Wireshark, we found that the mirror was rewriting the string
> "/SVN" to the string "/svn" inside the file being committed (!!!),
> thereby perturbing the checksum.
> Initial research points to dav_svn__location_body_filter:
> http://svn.collab.ne​t/viewvc/svn/trunk/s​ubversion/mod_dav_sv​n/mirror.c?revision=​36159
> It seems to be doing a case-insensitive search-and-replace from
> "remotepath" -- the path component of the master server URI ("/svn" in
> our case) -- to "localpath" -- apparently the root of the repository as
> the mirror knows it (also "/svn" in our case). I suspect that it's doing
> this search-and-replace against the file we're committing, in which case
> presumably it shouldn't be doing that -- although I'm not sure what it's
> supposed to be doing instead.
> I suspect that our particular case can be fixed by removing the
> case-sensitivity check, but that's obviously a hack. :) Any better ideas?
> Thanks!
> Shane
> --------------------​--------------------​--------------
> http://subversion.ti​gris.org/ds/viewMess​age.do?dsForumId=462​&dsMessageId=236​3710

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