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Help with wc-ng?

Author gstein
Full name Greg Stein
Date 2009-08-08 13:09:36 PDT
Message Hey all,

If you'd like to help out with wc-ng, there are a few tasks that can helpful.

One is pretty easy: switch libsvn_wc over to the
result_pool/scratch_pool paradigm. Some functions don't return data,
so they'd just take a scratch_pool. Today, many of the "legacy"
functions take a single "pool" argument -- these would have that pool
renamed, or switched to two pools. This would help in the wc-ng work
because we're doing the conversion as we go; this makes some of the
revisions "more complex" because we're changing functionality *and*
switching pool usage. Changing the pool handling can also make wc more
memory efficient.

A more complicated task is propagating the db/abspath argument pairs
throughout the codebase, replacing the adm_access/path pairs. These
changes can be very straightforward, but periodically blow things up
because of adm_access craziness/subtleties. There is a lot of
low-level plumbing around the db/abspath functionality, so this task
is continuing to push it up/out from those lower levels.

The last broad task is getting rid of the entry_t structure. This is
not straightforward at all. The mappings from our new data structures
to the old entry_t is not straightforward, so this will be very
challenging. Hyrum and I would certainly appreciate help at this
level, but it can be tough.


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