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Author e_wong
Full name Edmund Wong
Date 2009-11-11 02:38:15 PST
Message Julian Foad wrote:
> Edmund Wong wrote:
>> ..\..\..\subversi​on\libsvn_subr\dso​.c(110): error C4103: \
>> 'SVN_DBG' undefined; assuming extern returning int
> [...]
>> Of course, this SVN_DBG is only available when SVN_DEBUG
>> is defined. Clearly adding --debug in the gen-make.py
>> should set the SVN_DEBUG in the projects; and they are.
>> I grep'd SVN_DEBUG and came up with lots of hits in the
>> *.vcproj files.
> Just a thought: are you using "pre-compiled headers"? If so, maybe the
> dependency info isn't smart enough to detect that it needs to re-build
> them. When I used to use Visual Studio I normally turned them off.

Not that I know of. Unfortunately, my Windows system's down
atm so I can't tell.


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