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*** NOTICE: This mailing list is now CLOSED ***

Author cmpilato
Full name C. Michael Pilato
Date 2009-12-10 10:13:04 PST
Message Dear Person Interested in Subversion Development:

As part of the transition of the Subversion project into Apache-ness, we
have just disabled posting to this mailing list so that we, the Subversion
developers, can focus our attention solely on our new dev-list:

   dev at subversion dot apache dot org

Please subscribe there if you haven't already and still wish to following
the development of Subversion.

We've sorta kinda been warning you about this. You might have noticed the
footer we've had in place for weeks now that reads:

   Please start new threads on the <dev@subversion.a​pache.org> mailing list.
   To subscribe to the new list, send an empty e-mail to

Or maybe you didn't. I wouldn't really blame you -- who actually reads
those things? At any rate, if this comes as a surprise to you, we at least
hope it doesn't also come with any sizable degree of discomfort or
inconvenience. We're not just trying to irritate folks. Our primary goal
remains the same: to make Subversion the best version control system it can
be. We feel that we can do that better, if perhaps only moderately so, by
returning to a single-dev-list situation, and we appreciate your
understanding in this matter.

You should still be able to access the archives of this list at Tigris.org
and at other list archival sites. And we're not planning to abandon any
open threads that remain here -- we'll just resume them on the new list
(ideally with references to archives from this list when we first do so).


C. Michael Pilato <cmpilato at collab dot net>
CollabNet <> www.collab.net <> Distributed Development On Demand

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*** NOTICE: This mailing list is now CLOSED *** cmpilato C. Michael Pilato 2009-12-10 10:13:04 PST
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