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Another FSFS bug?

Author jszakmeister
Full name John Szakmeister
Date 2010-08-31 14:39:11 PDT
Message I can't be sure which version of SVN this occurred with, but I had a
user email me the other day about a broken revision. After taking a
look, it appears that SVN picked the right offset, the right length,
and the right checksums, but the wrong revision number. It looks like
this was during a tag operation (or a copy from a previous revision).
The revision the backend chose didn't even have a related file, and
the contents certainly weren't the same.

Any ideas where I should look to find the cause of this problem?
Also, I noticed that files seem to have both a SHA-1 and a uniquifier,
but directories don't. The structure document in libsvn_fs_fs doesn't
speak of this difference between files and directories. It just says
that newer formats have it while older ones don't. Should directories
have both the SHA-1 and unquifier?



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Another FSFS bug? jszakmeister John Szakmeister 2010-08-31 14:39:11 PDT
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