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Items with non-+1 votes in STATUS

Author stsp
Full name Stefan Sperling
Date 2010-11-09 12:21:20 PST
Message There are two items in STATUS with some +1 and some non-+1 votes:

 * r879766
   Fix issue #3498: Subversion password stores freeze Eclipse

 * r878590, r878607, r878625, r878626, r878627
   In trunk we optimized the common case of 'find-and-replace with same uri'
   of proxied content thanks to issue 3445 "WebDAV proxy code munging user

Additionally, these two items depend on the r878590 group,
and seem to fix serious problems:

 * r916286, r917512
   Fixes failing commmits (with vague error messages) seen on client
   side for WebDAV proxy configurations such as the following (note
   the trailing slash at the end of '/svn/'):

 * r917523
   If the configured slave url employes URI-unsafe characters
   (<space>, '?', '%'), proxying of commits fails and commit affects
   the slave repository directly.

It seems that all of these items have been sitting in STATUS for a while,
with no action taken about concerns raised.

In principle I would like to see these issues fixed in 1.6.14.
But I'm hesitant to review these items before existing concerns have
either been voided or addressed. Are the concerns going to be addressed
in time for 1.6.14?


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Items with non-+1 votes in STATUS stsp Stefan Sperling 2010-11-09 12:21:20 PST
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